NZC Summer School 2012, Beijing The Summer School “Monsoon Variability and Climate Teleconection”, was organised June 27 – July 5, 2012, Beijing. A total of 78 people from China, Norway (With representatives from Viralis), South Korea, India and Germany attended the school. The NZC 2012 International Summer School lectures and discussions covered a broad range […]


Marine Ecosystem Response to a changing Climate (MERCLIM) (NORKLIMA Theme 1) The climate of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans will undergo rapid changes over the next century. Climate influences many important ecosystem drivers which will change marine biogeochemical and ecological processes, ecosystem functioning and biodiversity. MERCLIM will provide critical new understanding on the impacts […]


Bipolar Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation (BIAC) AN INTERNATIONAL POLAR YEAR (IPY) PROJECT coordinated FROM NORWAY The role of the Thermohaline Circulation (THC) as a driving force for the ocean circulation, and therefore the global climate, is well acknowledged. The majority of the deep- and bottom- water production takes place in the Atlantic sector. The densest water […]


ADVANCED CLIMATE DYNAMICS COURSES Advanced Climate Dynamics Courses (ACDC) are yearly summer schools organized by the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Dynamics at the University of Bergen in collaboration with the University of Washington and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ACDC2013 DYNAMICS OF THE LAST DEGLACIATION, NYKSUND, VESTERÅLEN ISLANDS, NORTHERN NORWAY 19-30TH OF AUGUST, 2013 THE ONLINE […]